New Zealand New Zealand Entrepreneur Work Visa

New Zealand Entrepreneur Work Visa



  • Suitable for self-employment
  • Rich experienced business applicant who is self-employed or purchases local businesses in New Zealand
  • Three year work visa is issued into two stages – the start-up stage and the operation stage

Application Requirements

  • Achieve minimum 120 points in the overall scoring system.
  • Entrepreneurship or buy local enterprise in New Zealand.
  • Need to invest about NZ$100,000 (excluding working capital).
  • Drive economic benefits to New Zealand.
  • English Requirements: IELTS score 4.0 or above.
  • No bankruptcy or any record of mismanagement in the past five years prior to the application.
  • No any record for commercial fraud and mismanagement in the past
  • Pass physical examination and no criminal record

Application Procedure

  • Sign contract
  • Collection of documents
  • Make a business plan
  • Submit the application
  • Approval of visa
  • Start-up phase (1 year work visa for establishment of company)
  • Operational phase (2 years work visa for operation of company)