About Us

About Us

Boatshop24 Limited is a registered and licensed immigrant and overseas learning consulting firm headquartered in Hong Kong. The company will deal with all aspects of immigration-related services; help individuals with visas and foreign citizenship services, defend the rights of immigrants, explore immigration issues and help businesses understand immigration issues in global markets.

We know that standard immigration consulting firms may impose strict requirements, which is why we are well-trained, certified and equipped to perform well. Boatshop24 Limited is a client-focused, result-oriented immigration consulting firm that offers a wide range of services at affordable costs and will never loophole in your customers’

Brand origin

As early as the 15th century, the emperor of the Ming Dynasty of China sent and controlled more than 200 ships, and the 24,000 people claimed the then largest fleet in the world and seven times far behind the ocean. It has left an indelible mark in the history of the world’s oceans. It is one hundred years earlier than the history of the ocean in Columbus and Magellan in the West. It is also the pride of every Chinese people now. To date, many countries in the West have also retained the artifacts of porcelain, silk, farming techniques and Chinese medical techniques that were brought by the Chinese fleet and the fleet.

With the continuous improvement of China’s national strength today, the status of the political economy in the international community has been constantly improving. More and more Chinese elites have gone far across the oceans. To settle in Europe and the United States developed countries to improve the quality of life or send their children abroad to learn advanced foreign experience and technology, immigration and study abroad more and more sought after by the people.

In 2016, Boatshop24 Limited discovered this business opportunity and decisively established an investment immigrant company to help more people sail to the sea and promote more cultural, economic and trade exchanges.