Senior immigration consultant

Job Responsibilities
1, responsible for effective communication with customers or face to face consultation, providing overseas investment and professional immigration advisory services;
2, in-depth understanding and analysis of customers, to help customers tailor-made overseas investment and development programs to complete the department signed the task;
3, to maintain good communication with customers, establish a broad source of customers, while maintaining existing customers while developing potential customers;
4, making immigration business development strategy, design immigration marketing activities, improve customer signing rate;

5, responsible for sales team building, management, training and other work.

Entry Requirements

1, college degree or above, 28 years old and above;
2, familiar with immigration business processes and management, 8-15 years working experience in the same industry, 5 years team management experience is preferred;
3, with good sales skills, service, analysis and problem solving ability, with strong resistance;
4, with strong social skills, rich social relations, abundant customer resources;
5, Overseas work or study experience, investment, wealth management, finance and other industries preferred;
6, Strong sense of responsibility, initiative, work efficiency, creativity, teamwork ability;

Immigration consultant

Job Responsibilities

1, male or female
2, the image, temperament, conversation, affinity is good, mature and stable, with sales experience;
3, through the customer’s advice to tap potential customers, timely follow-up and make a good record of communication to facilitate customers to sign service procedures, the completion of the company, the department to the business indicators;
4, Responsible for answering customer calls, receiving customer interviews and tailor-designed immigration programs for clients;
5, according to the company’s various marketing plans and activities, and actively contact high-end customers, visit and follow-up to promote customer signing;
6, actively collect and analyze the relevant market information, timely feedback and make reasonable suggestions;
7, patiently and comprehensively explain the required materials for customers to ensure the smooth progress of customer applications;
8, maintain good communication with all departments of the company to ensure the smooth progress of each immigrant client business.

Entry Requirements
1, Stout, elegant, with excellent communication skills and persuasion skills;
2, have a good attitude of self-guidance, self-motivation, able to withstand greater pressure on sales;
3. Positive and optimistic, love sales, with good sales skills, sales skills and dedication;
4 have excellent interpersonal skills and skills, good speech skills;
5 with market sensitivity, have good sales awareness and ability;
6. At least 2 years of sales experience in high-end industries, overseas work, study, living experience, or peer work experience, or high-end industry sales experience is preferred.


Job Responsibilities
1, Responsible for the comprehensive management of the company’s copyrights, including the regulation evaluation, plan formulation, schedule management, copywriting and document quality management, customer service quality management, job deployment and liaison.
2, to ensure that the application submitted in line with immigration regulations and to meet the company’s assessment of integrated management indicators; to ensure that spare parts to obtain immigrant visas.
3, Management of cases of copywriting department follow-up, within the prescribed time to complete the case of immigration record, delivery, follow-up work; including accessories, follow-up progress, customer communication management, embassy and consulate contact, medical arrangements, investment funds Payment, receipt letter and other matters.
4, arranging company copy training, assisting sales training, and achieve the training evaluation index.
5, in the marketing department request assistance, unconditional assistance to the company marketing and promotion.
6, timely feedback to the company workflow implementation and cooperation, customer feedback problems and opinions; with a view to adjust and improve.
7, establishment and improvement of business knowledge system and process; personnel training and assessment.

8, Responsible for the content maintenance and routine update of the company’s official website; Responsible for the information collection, editing and revision of the relevant section of the company’s official website; Copywriting with corporate culture and product information; Statistical work on website publishing content; Responsible for microblogging of the company , WeChat content development and publishing work;
9, to complete other tasks arranged by superiors.

Entry Requirements
1,22-35 years old; law, English, finance, accounting, international trade and other related professional bachelor degree or above; English major four or college students English six or more.

2, Having 1 to 3 years working experience in investment immigrant copyrights, familiar with the immigration policy of Canada, Singapore, the United States, the document processing flow and requirements are preferred;
3, patient and meticulous, organized, articulate, responsive, strong language skills and communication skills, and down-to-earth hard work.
4, with good dedication and teamwork, management experience of priority.

Market / Channel Specialist

Job Responsibilities

1, responsible for the development of high-end channels, such as financial institutions, luxury brands, high-end properties, chambers of commerce and so on;

2, responsible for building a market platform to maintain channel cooperation;

3, Responsible for propagating the company brand to the channel, transmitting product information and sales policy;

4, according to the company’s overall marketing program, planning and organizing related channel activities, briefings;

5, follow-up channels to promote the efforts and channels targeted customers screening;

6, understand the industry trends, collect information on the industry competing products.

Entry Requirements

1,25 years old, bachelor degree or above, finance, marketing related major preferred;

2, at least three years experience in market channel development;

3, with excellent negotiation skills, strong market insight, can independently develop the market; have a strong data sensitivity and data analysis skills are preferred.

4. Have a good understanding and grasp of the business characteristics, market conditions and consumer groups in overseas or high-end consumption areas, and have rich experience in organizing and organizing large-scale high-end consumer product promotion or exchange activities with bankers and high-end group members. Good experience in investment immigration industry;

6, strong execution, a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility;

7, good temperament image, active thinking, a good sense of teamwork; affinity, have a good professionalism.

Interested parties can resume resume sent to the company email