Canada Canada | Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program | MPNP

Canada | Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program | MPNP



– Low threshold for Investment
– Low requirment for verified capital assess
– No age limit
– No requirement on education background
– No need to show prove your English competency
– Enable the you to possess Permanent Residency of Canada
– Enjoy affordable local living standard there
– Flexible planning to start up your business there

Application Criteria

Verifiable net capital assets of CAD 350,000
possession of management experiences of business operation for at least 3 years
Score 60 points or above in EOI
Fulfill the investment requirement of a minimum of CAD150,000 over a local business in Manitoba
(If the applicant choose to invest on an existing local business in Manitoba, He/She must possess over 33.33% of the shares.)
Submission of the CAD100,000 deposit acquired by the Government
(REFUNDABLE after the applicant has fulfilled the requirement on residensy and investment set by the govenment)
Willing to settle down in Manitoba with Family
Willing to carry out sustainble financial activities in Manitoba and to perform as an active investor there

Application Procedures

  • Evaluation and Consultation
  • Engagement and to settle the first instalment
  • Document preparation
  • Field trip to Manitoba
  • EOI Submission
  • EOI Invitation grant
  • Lodgement of application to the Manitoba State Government
    Interview(If any)
  • Settle the paypent of the CAD100,000 governmental deposit
  • State Government Invitation grant
  • Lodgement of the Visa Application to Canadian Federal Government
    Case processed and reviewed by Immigration Department
  • Body Check and police clearance
  • Visa Grant

    Manitoba is a province at the longitudinal centre of Canada. It is one of the three prairie provinces and Canada’s fifth-most populous province with its estimated 1.3 million people (2016). The province is bordered by the provinces of Ontario to the east and Saskatchewan to the west. Manitoba’s capital and largest city, Winnipeg, is Canada’s eighth-largest census metropolitan area. Winnipeg is the seat of government, home to the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba and the Provincial Court. Four of the province’s five universities and all four of its professional sports teams are in Winnipeg. Manitoba is the first Canadian province implementing PNP migration scheme and adopting point test scheme to sort out the eligible candidates as well, in which turn out to be a popular and successful way to draw attention for the potential immigrants.