Latest News Knowing of Three Key Important Factors for Each American EB-5 Investors

Knowing of Three Key Important Factors for Each American EB-5 Investors


EB-5 applicants in the United States for investment immigration applications, it is easily focused on “investment” rather than “immigration applications” actually. After all, it is not easy to earn money. Each penny is sweaty. The huge funds involved in investing in immigrants make it easy for applicants to focus on the project’s popularity, celebrity charm, lots, mansions and etc., or they may be more concerned about the interest rate of the project. Eventually, the applicant’s consideration of the appropriate project focused on “investment” while neglecting “immigration”. Obviously the steady and rate of return of the project are important. Needless to say, how to ensure smooth successful application that is neglected by most applicants.

1. I-526 Stage of conditional green card – ensuring the timely completion and smooth operation for project

Immigration review I-526 focuses on the feasibility of the project including economic reports, legal documents, ability of developers and applicants background and so on. The strength of the developer is crucial factor in the success of the final project and on the smooth operation of the project in the future. Another main concern is reliability of the “Regional Center” including TEA certification, developer and senior lender contact, funding structure organization. This framework will work with lawyers to work out the legal documents to be submitted to the immigration authorities. Therefore, an experienced regional center is the guarantee for the project.

2. I-829 Stage of unconditional green card – ensuring that the project to create adequate employments

Immigration review I-829 focuses on whether the project creates sufficient job employment. Once examining the project, the applicant should concern how the project solves employment and what method adopted to calculate the employment. Currently, the EB-5 investment project adopts the method of RIMSII to obtain the most adequate statistic of employment extensively and is calculated based on the entire project cost and the expenditure budget. The number of direct or indirect employment that can be derived from the project is a calculation accepted and widely recognized by the Immigration Board.

3. Stage for end of investment period – ensuring the smooth return of principal

All applicants are most concerned that the funds cannot be returned properly after 5 years. This is also considered to be the most critical risk by the EB-5 investment immigration. The success of this risk management requires not only vision but also the selection of the most steady and reliable one from among the top 100 projects. The experienced teamwork should be cooperated to handles visas application, operations and management of projects. Importantly,  it is related to the choice of immigration agents and developers to assess the strength. In terms of repayment ability, experienced immigration agents also have a sound mechanism to assess the collateral security, which is evaluated by relevant professionals to ensure that the investor’s financial risk is within the controllable range. As well as immigration intermediary agencies, the strength of developer also plays a key role in financial security. For example, in lending projects, strong developers are more likely to get bank loans; and if second financing is needed in later stages, powerful developers can also get more loans with good credit to repay EB-5 investment component.