Australia 186/187 self-employment exemption project introduction

186/187 self-employment exemption project introduction



-186/187 Self-employment exemption project
-186/187 Self-employment exemption, is suitable for corporate legal persons, enterprise legal persons, senior executives who establish a new company or set up branch office in Australia. The senior management or senior core positions engage in commercial activities and business management to get the green card in Australia. One step taken, the whole family can immigrant.


1. IELTS exemption, no strict requirements on academic qualifications;
2. No immigration scores, no need to submit EOI;
3 No need to explain the source of the applicant’s fund. No specific requirements for the company shares, turnover and tax without financial audit and interview
4. One step taken for green card (PR) of the whole family;
5. Enjoy the same citizen benefits in Australians. Free-education for children’s primary and secondary public

Application requirements:

1. Aged below 50 years-old
2 No requirement for academic qualifications. High school or college can be allowed
3. No IELTS scoring
4. 5 years and above senior management working experience, e.g. purchasing director, marketing director, trade general manager and possessing manufacturing related background is advantage

Application procedure:

1. Evaluate immigration qualification, design of immigration proposal, signing for handling
2. Prepare the relevant documents, assisting in establishment of enterprise in Australian
3. Assisting in operation run of enterprise. After 6 months, submit nomination of the enterprise
4. Submit application materials for visa and pending for physical body examination from the immigration office
Notify physical body examination, pass examination, issue of visa and grant for Green Card