– Overview and advantages

The Québec Immigrant Entrepreneur Program (QIEP) has been tailored for resourceful and business-minded individuals who wish to continue their development and apply their business skills in a company in Québec. The candidate and his family will be eligible for permanent residency in Canada, and can eventually apply for full Canadian citizenship after three years of continuous residency.

– Requirements

Demonstration of a personal net worth of at least CAD $300,000, obtained through licit means. The assets of the accompanying spouse can also be considered;
To have at least two years of management experience in the five years prior to the application submission;
Create or acquire, in whole or in part, an agricultural, commercial or industrial business established in Québec, which will employ, on a permanent basis and for a minimum of 30 hours a week, a Québec resident other than the candidate and accompanying family members;
Participate in the daily management and operations of the business;
Proof of no criminal record;

– Investment

In accordance with the program, the candidate must hold at least 25% of capital equity in the created or acquired agricultural, commercial or industrial business established in Québec, at a value of at least CAD $100,000.

– Application Process

– Preparation of the documentation, and submission of the file;
– Briefings and exploratory trip(s) to Québec;
– Update of documentation and receipt of “Interview Notice” letter;
– Immigration Interview;
– Once the candidate’s application is accepted, he will be able to immigrate to Québec and operate his proposed business.