Australia Investment immigration in Australia

Investment immigration in Australia


Project Description:

In respect of ease of immigration, , employment status and climate conditions, Australia is much stronger than the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Australia’s unemployment rate is only 5.5% (normal structural unemployment), coupled with less well-known international institute of higher learning, mild climate, bright sunshine, pleasant environment, diverse culture, comprehensive social security. These are factors that Australia is still the first choice for successful immigrants. In addition, commercial immigrants from Australia have long been the most successful and classic project for immigrants from the United States. Every year, the number of successful immigrants through the U.S. accounts for one quarter of all commercial immigrants in Australia.

Top Ten Australian Social Welfare:

1. Pension policy, 60-year-old woman and 65-year-old man can enjoy
2. Enjoy fee Medicare for all the people
3. Unemployment benefits (about AUD15,000 per year)
4. Apply to the government for a relief grant (around AUD 12,000 per year)
5 Low-income allowance (less than $ 18,000 per year)
6 Fee compulsory education for primary and secondary schools for 12 years
7. University tuition can get government interest-free loans
8. Children before the age of 18 can enjoy the welfare department’s support fee;
9. Children enjoy student allowance after 18 years of age;
10. Other benefits: childbirth allowance, multiple child allowance, study allowance, transport allowance, etc.

Project Benefits:

1. Conditions advantages:
-No age limit requirements, at least 18 years olds
-No requirements for commercial background and explanation for the source of assets.
-No restrictions on education and language ability.

2. Application advantages:
-One person applies, the whole family (including spouses, unmarried children under 23 years old and single parents) immigrants;
-Fast and efficient approval. The fastest 60 days obtain a temporary green card;
-No need to attend government interviews.

3. Investment advantages:
-Stable investment, diversified investment portfolio, rationalization of assets risk, and steady return on investment each year,
-Contributions to taxable project categories are exempted from Australian income tax.

4. Residential advantages:
Low residence requirements. The principal applicant only needs to live in Australia for an average of 40 days a year.

5. Living advantages
-A variety of well-equipped welfare are available in the Australian, including children assistance fees, special relief benefits, unemployment benefits, pensions and parturition allowances.
-Applicant’s children can enter the normal public education system in which enjoys free compulsory education and government education allowance in Australia. More opportunities are offered to enter the world’s elite schools and form an international perspective.